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Markt 54, 2631ED Nootdorp

Working Hours:

Daily:  15:00 – 21:00

About Roti Tori

Quality of Rasia

On the 13th of October 2011 restaurateur Rasia Jitan registered the name Roti Tori in KVK and her new journey started. In 2012 she opened the doors in Nootdorp, a small establishment in the heart of the centrum. Very soon the company became famous for their take away and delivery services. Driven by the idea to leave a mark on the masses and let them get to know the Surinamese kitchen she decided after the COVID-19 pandamic to come with a trendy restaurant.


Diner at Roti Tori is about getting to know the culture of the East and West Surinamese cuisine. The history of the nation has left a rich mark on the dining culture. With influences reaching from India, Indonesia and Africa the Surinamese cuisine combines the best of all. The use of curry leaves, turmeric, laos, ginger, pepper and lots of other fresh herbs gives the food an exquisite taste.


Shared dining is upcoming, trendy and most of all a lot of fun! Roti Tori is the place to experience this first hand. The food, all served on banana leafs or in colorful crockery in the middle of the table for everyone to taste. Whether you want to have a romantic evening or a cozy family diner, Roti Tori is the place for a lovely evening. Fresh baked roti with top quality lamb or duck in Surinamese curry or a traditional sauto soup. Our flavorful, mild dishes served with fresh herbs are a true pleasure. This combined with our home made refreshers or exotic mocktails/cocktails, makes a visit to Roti Tori a divine experience.